Warning: mysql_connect(): Access denied for user:
‘’ (Using password: YES) in
/home/.quico/topdvds4free/ on line 2

This is an error given, i think the may be the
problem, although I dont know what to put there, anyone got any ideas?

Kroner is the machine that you are hosted on.

I was having the same problems yesterday, but it cleard it self up for me, but my plan is hosted on a different machine. Might be related to the other problems Dreamhost seems to be having currently…

I’m having the same problem… I’m on kroner, too.

Does your domain name point to DreamHost’s DNS servers? Mine doesn’t. Could that be the problem?

[kroner]$ mysql -u habbo -p -h habbo
Enter password:
ERROR 1045 (00000): Access denied for user: ‘’ (Using password: YES)

Like I said, doesn’t point to DreamHost’s DNS servers yet. When you go to , the site is loaded from HostRocket’s server, not DreamHost’s. We’re just transferring the site.

Please, people, I would really appreciate help as I need to get this working as soon as possible.

yep it does, ive posted it to the support thingy yesterday with no reply yet, guess its a sever problem then?

Maybe… I have no idea what the problem is. But thanks for replying :slight_smile: It’s good to know you have alerted the tech support.

If you get a reply from the support or can connect to the MySQL server, could you post here and let me know?

seems to be fixed for me now

Thank you, Topdvds4free.

My problem was not caused by DreamHost. It was due to our domain,, still pointing to our previous host.

I learned that we can set up databases and access them even without having a working domain name. That’s because we can use DreamHost’s domain name for free and set up subdomains under it. I created subdomains like and then MySQL host names like