PHP with xdebug on a shared server

I am trying to set a xdebug on the dreamhost shared server. As the current version of PHP is 5.2 I was forced to compile a local version of PHP and set the php.ini correctly, however, so far no luck.

I am wondering whether it is at all possible as the xdebug requires to open a port for the debug with the following configuration directive:


did anyone have any success with this, or does Dreamhost block port opening ?
Any other insights are welcimed

For the benefit of others, I directed the same question to support and as I suspected indeed
No opening ports are allowed on shared server.

What about tunneling through SSH?

Can someone give me a little more detail on this? I would really like to run XDebug but I didn’t consider the possibility of a custom PHP build on the shared servers… is this actually allowed/possible? What is the procedure?


Running XDebug on a shared server is an extremely bad idea from a security standpoint. If you need to do that sort of debugging, do it on your own machine.

Can you open a port for Xdebug on a shared server?
I need it for debug when a webservice needs oauthoring process: one token send to a webservice and an answer received on a page of a webserver.
I’m using NetBeans 8. You could use xdebug.remote_host as safer procedure, but I woul have problems also with that configuration because I’m developing beyond a dynamic IP.


You will need a VPS or dedicated server.

I have already used the easy Xdebug Firefox extension it’s initiates profiling from the browser add-on so can any user whose that the Firefox Xdebug installed, connect to an Xdebug enabling production web page and apps, data.