PHP Version

I’m currently using php 4.4.2 on dreamhost and my site is working very well. Is there any possibility in the future dreamhost will require everyone to use php version 5 (or greater)?

I think if there is anything I’ve learned over the years is that anything is possible, but I don’t see them forcing everyone to PHP 5 in the near future. There are so many commonly used applications installed in users’ accounts that are not PHP5 “ready”, that I suspect they will continue to allow us to choose which version we want to use for a good while longer.

You might want to double check to see if you are still actually using PHP 4.4.2 by using a phpinfo output, as my PHP 4.4.2 domains were recently (quietly!) upgraded to 4.4.4 :slight_smile: .

This is a "good thing"tm, in my opinion, as there were some notable “bugs” in 4.4.2.