PHP Version

In the KBase, it says that PHP v 4.3.10 is installed.
Phpinfoing shows 4.3.5

Which version is installed? :S

Maybe it matters that person. No need to be a jerk about it.

bryan | website

Actually, it matters a lot, since there are major vulnerabilities with the earlier versions. I believe Dreamhost recently upgraded PHP to 4.3.10 to take care of these issues. If phpinfo() is showing differently, perhaps OP should put message into support to clarify.

My phpinfo is showing v4.3.10, but that may just be my server. I agree that 4.3.10 is a CRITICAL update. You should send in a support request about it.

My server (genki) also shows in phpinfo.

Want a different version? You can always install your own instance.

FWIW, I’m on Korben and mine still says 4.3.5

bryan | website

I think I’m on go.

"Want a different version? You can always install your own instance."

Does this also mean I can have a Game server on it?

And what did that deleted post say, because I didn’t see it :confused:

What I meant was that it is possible for you to compile PHP to your liking and install that within your directory structure to use with your scripts. More info can be found at

I don’t know what you mean by a “Game Server”; and I don’t know what was in the deleted post.

Cornelius also reports 4.3.5

Les Bessant

I’m on bam and it’s also 4.3.5

Not good since on my last host I was nailed due to exploits in 4.3.9 nevermind .5

Contact support with the name on your server and it will be updated. I contacted them to ask when the update was planned on korben and they did the same day, just before answering.

What happened is that korben server had an hardware failture and it has been reinstalled on a new system with the old PHP. Maybe other servers had similar problem. Let them know and they’ll fix really quickly.

Also don’t forget that you can always compile your own version (both 4 and 5). In this way you can even enable extensions (eg. exif or sqlite for php4) and access (your) php.ini file.
In kbase you can find a simple guide to do so, I’ve created an improved version, easier, that soon or later I’ll distribute.