PHP Version Issue

I am running Joomla for one of my sites and it says in the system settings that I have PHP 5.2.17 installed. But in the Dreamhost panel I have the PHP version set to 5.3 fastcgi. Can anyone help me?

Have you just changed the PHP version now?

If not, J! might be referencing the CLI which is still version 5.2 by default.

No. When I setup the domain I left the PHP version at 5.3 fastcgi…which is the default.

I did run a script, the one that you have a link to, that installed ioncube today. Could that have done something?

Definitely. That script defaults to PHP 5.2 (it was made before DH made it easy for us to alter our ini).

If you require 5.3 or 5.4 and want to alter ini settings you can use a phprc file.

Thanks so much for the help! Can you tell me what I need to do…I am unfamiliar with a phprc file, or can you point me to a good tutorial??

ok, should have checked wiki before I posted. So i have the 5.3 folder in .php file setup in my root. What do I need to put in the phprc file to use php 5.3?

No, but there is some information at

Just read the tiny section titled phprc and pretend the billion other words don’t exist :wink: