PHP Version in API domain list

I have a lot of domains hosted on one of the accounts I manage. The ability to get a list of domains into a spreadsheet where I can sort them by the VPS machine they are on makes it easier to work with. What I wish I had in the list was the PHP version and how it’s called.

So rather than just pcgi4 or pcgi5, it would be nice to know CGI or FastCGI and 5.2, 5.3 or 5.4.

Several of the domains can’t be upgrade past where they are, but going in to edit each of 268 domains manually to see what they are set at is a real time drain.

I know the control panel shows the version, but it doesn’t show CGI or FastCGI without going in to edit the domain. Obviously the PHP version must be readily available since the control panel has it…