PHP version 5

Hi all,
I am trying out Headway, but can’t upgrade to v1.5 until my server, bishop, is running PHP v5. What is the best way to get dreamhost to update PHP? A support ticket?

Thanx for the feed back,

PHP5 has been installed for quite a long while. I’ve switched over long ago. If you go to the panel and click Domains -> Manage DOmains and then Edit your domain, is there a PHP4/PHP5 dropdown menu?

Do you have a .htaccess file that’s handling PHP requests?


Hey Scott,

Thanx for the info. My site is set to PHP FastCGI, but returns PHP v. 4.4.9 from the command line.

The file in my domain directory does not reference PHP and I haven’t set it up to, so unless it’s a dreamhost config I would guess the site is not using an .htaccess file to handle PHP requests.

Command line often defaults to PHP4, so your site is probably running PHP5. Try creating a .php file in your site with just the following:

<?php echo phpinfo(); echo "\n"; ?>

A fellow had this problem a few days ago following a server move.

phpinfo() was returning 4.4.9 even though in Panel it was set as PHP5 FastCGI (and PHP4 wasn’t a Panel option). The fix was to switch it to ‘regular’ CGI mode and that kicked it over to PHP5.

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