PHP ver cPanel different than terminal



On my domain I have it setup as PHP 5.3 fastCGI, but when I run php -v in the terminal I get version 5.2? What am I missing?


The setting in the panel only affects the domain, not the user. If you want PHP 5.3 in the shell, ask for it:


Thanks =)

Is there a command in the terminal to check which domains have PHP v5.3 vs v5.2?


NM, used <?php phpinfo() ?> in browser.


I have quite the same problem, but my informatic level is beginner.
In the dreamhost control panel I set up PHP 5.3.x fast CGI, but following the instructions to modify max dimension attached file as described in this link using “SXi’s Easy Auto Copy Script”, the administration page of Drupal show 5.2.17 PHP version.
This version is no longer supported by phpbb forum.

I remember before applying SXi’s Easy Auto Copy Script I have successfully update my php version through dreamhost control panel.
How can I solve my problem?


By using that script, you override the panel settings.

You should be able to follow these directions to remove SXI’s script:

If that doesn’t work, or you’re not sure how to do it, please open up a ticket with us :slight_smile:


thanks a lot, now everything it seems ok!!