The question is: can we php_value and SetEnv in the htaccess file for Dreamhost’s php5 setup?

Seems like in order to get php5 one needs to ask for it specifically. What’s wierd is that the php5 setup doesn’t seem to acknowledge the SetEnv or php_value directives. Is that part of “mod_security” which is enabled in the panel’s “add web security” option?



AddHandler php5-cgi .html .php .sdd # force html to be parsed by php5, works fine
php_value include_path /home/byosmosis2/ # doesn’t work
php_value session.save_path #doesn’t work
SetEnv SAMBAINCLUDE env.php # doesn’t work


That’s part of running PHP5 as a CGI instead of mod_apache. Can’t use php_value.

yerba# rm -rf /etc


I don’t have the FastCGI box checked…Do I need or seriously benefit from CGI…and how can I turn it off? Is there a different way I should call this line:

AddHandler php5-cgi .html .php .sdd




You can check it, but I don’t think it’ll make a difference anymore. If I recall, PHP5 was compiled with FastCGI by default (no other option). PHP6 will not have an option to turn it off.

yerba# rm -rf /etc