PHP Upload

Hi, I don’t know if this is where I’m supposed to ask this (I assume it is), but anyway…

I’m running a site on normal shared hosting, and there is another non-DH site that needs another image service that is safe for all ages, so the site will need some people to respond to reports of images quickly. It’s an educational site, and the images go on the forums.

I don’t expect a lot of bandwidth since the site isn’t huge (and I would limit the file size), but I need to know if it’s allowed for me to make this.

It’s allowed as long as the uploaded files are being used for website purposes and not simply for storage.

e.g. You can’t run your own imageshack or whatever :wink:

Well the idea was for image hosting for another site ( but all the images would be visible to others, so I guess that isn’t acceptable?

Yeah, that would be technically out of bounds.

If the images were available in a gallery on the DH end there’d be nothing stopping another site from hotlinking them.

Ooops, typo :wink: