Php upload limit



Apparently my php upload limit is set to 7mb (this stated by joomla). Is there anyway to change this?


I’m not a joomla user, but if it uses the common PHP uploader than there is likely a hidden variable on the upload form that states the max size. You may be able to find that file and edit it.


Sure is, and it works great!

No need to go with the “more general script with more options.” The short PHP4 or PHP5 script will work if all you’re after is an increased upload sizes.



Thanks. I tried it, and it seems to work. Why do I need the last 2 steps:

Create a shell script to make a fresh copy of php (for future use)

Set up a cron task to keep php up to date


Technically, you don’t need them, but having them allows your instance of PHP to stay synced with DreamHost’s when they upgrade :wink:



Makes sense. Thanks!