PHP upload limit on sub-domain

I tried the wiki for increasing the upload limit and it worked fine on my domain

I am not able to make it work on my sub-domain
I tried the same procedure (from Wiki) on the sub-domain too but get the 404 message.

You should go back and double check your work, as there is no difference between the procedure for a domain and that for a sub-domain.


Sorry, I didnt read the wiki completely.
This link

mentions how to link (check step 11).


AhHa! Now I understand. I thought since you only mentioned the upload limit you were using the PHP.ini procedure indicated in the wiki, as you didn’t mention exactly which wiki article you were using. :slight_smile:

Of course the wiki page you were using does have that step about enabling the customizations for other users in your account, which I am glad you were able to find and get working properly.

I should have asked which wiki page you were using. :wink: