Php upgrade?



I visited my site today and noticed that my site looked pretty weird. A quick search found lots of other pages that are affected by this problem{head_title}&btnG=Search

Based upon some advice in that search result, I looked into xtemplate and php version.

Previously the sites were running with php5.0.x (I believe). I did some checking and noticed that php5.1is now installed and then did some checking online and noticed that php5.1 conflicts with xtemplate. This is not a huge issue and I recognize that you need to do updates to the sites to keep them current, but I get all of the announcement emails and didn’t notice a “5.1 upgrade for php”.

So, I guess I’d like to know

  1. did you upgrade php (just to confirm this was the cause)?

  2. Can we get announcements about these kinds of changes? I’m not sure what level of detail I expect to know about server package versions and I recognize that this could be a security issue for you to publish software version numbers. That said, it would be great if I could subscribe to emails or an RSS feed of the updates that are being applied.



Greg, this forum is really a customer to customer forum with the DreamHost people looking in as and when. You’re probably best posting to DreamHost support using the form from the Control Panel .



Right, and I guess I forgot the reason I posted here vs. support ticket. I’m curious if other customers would be interested in this service. A single complaint from a guy who wasn’t affected that badly doesn’t merit a whole new information broadcasting system - but if other people are interested (gauged by forum responses) then it might be worth it.



I agree, looks like configuration options have changed with this upgrade causing code to fail.