PHP-SVN Installation

I’ve been trying to get this work for a couple of days now, At the moment I am successfully building the file, but it won’t seem to load into php. I can edit the php.ini and turn some modules on and off, but it doesn’t seem to want to load the when I edit the same file to add it.

So I’ve built the so with pecl, and I’ve built it from a download on the* site.

I’ve followed the simular instructions for installing php extensions that I’ve found on the wiki, in these forums, on stack exchange, and none of it is getting the package loaded into php.

Any help?

Nevermind. I switched from fastcgi to cgi, copied the so file into the extensions_dir listed in phpinfo(), then set the extension to /etc/php53/php.ini as

And now it works.

Eep, don’t touch the system php.ini (in /etc/php53/php.ini). That file will be overwritten periodically as we configure the server.

Please follow the directions in regarding creating a configuration file at /home/username/.php/5.3/phprc.

not sure if you are still following this, but how did you manage to compile the PECL svn extension? i keep getting an error that the svn_client.h include is missing. how did you get those dependencies resolved?

thank you in advance.