PHP, SQL and mail

A newbie to PHP programming, I turn to you for help.
I’m setting up a comment board for an online newspaper. To comment, the users have to register. The registration info I manage through PHP, and so far everything works except I have absolutely NO IDEA how to set up an auto-email (so that the admin gets an email stating a new signup, and the new user gets a confirmation sign-up)
I figure it has something to do with setting up some conduit between the canned CGI script provided, and the PHP.
Right now, the user fills out a Form, which sends the info to a PHP script that compiles it into email format and uploads it to my SQL database.
The PHP calls an email class ($mailer = &new Email;), which I’ve defined in the file “email.php” with the following code (lifted from the tutorial book I’m working from)

<?php class Email { function SendMail(){ $Message = stripslashes($this->Message); $Message = stripslashes($this->Message); $headers .="From: ".$this->FromName. "<".$this->FromMail.">\n"; $headers .="Reply-To: ".$this->FromName. "<".$this->FromMail.">\n"; $headers .="X-Mailer: My PHP Mailer\n"; $headers .="Origin: ".$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']."\n"; mail($this->ToMail, $this->Subject, $Message, $headers); } } ?>

Does this look right, or is there something I can do in “email.php” to call the appropriate CGI script supported?
Thanks for any help.

According to the PHP Cookbook, the mail command has 3 parameters with an option 4th header.
So it can look like this
$to = ‘’;
$subject = ‘Your subject is here’;
$body = ‘The body of your message is here’;
$header = “Reply-To:\r\n”
, “Organization: The Example Group”;
mail($to, $subject, $body, $header);
It then says to separate each header line with \r\n but do not add the \r\n at the end of the last header.

OK… never mind. the code was correct. The problem lay elsewhere (a simply ‘/’ I inadvertantly left in…