Php site attacks and meta exploit



Hi. Just wondering if there is anything special recently to know about a breakout of php exploits. I had a site running wordpress that had the main page replaced with a blank page with a few dozen embedded links in the meta tags. A buddy had 6 sites hit the same day with the same thing, a mixture of Joomla and self-maintained php pages.

Official word from support is to make sure to keep your installations up to date, but it was a bunch of different stuff happening within a few days of each other, so I am wondering if there is anything on the host/server settings I should look into (php version, extra security, etc).

Thanks, I try to normally not post such clueless sounding messages, but I am freaked out.



The majority of known exploits are those for plugins rather than the core code when talking about Wordpress and Joomla! - and even then it’s usually a case of charset-based SQL injection being used in known exploits.

Are your databases using the utf-8 charset, or did you specify they use another?

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