PHP Session Problems

Hi there, I am not able to succesfully maintain a PHP session. I’m using the standard PHP 4.x dreamhost version of PHP (I have not customized it at all).

My login page includes the following code once login is succesful:

$_SESSION[‘userid’] = $userid;

The next page I post to tries to get a value from the session array and cannot find it. Can anyone help? Its putting a big hamper on my development. I searched the wiki but didn’t come across the answer yet.


What version of PHP are you using? PHP4 and PHP5 on Dreamhost have register_globals set differently - which makes a difference on how you pass variables. :wink:


Thanks for the reply, I’m using PHP 4.

Doh! I’m sorry! You very clearly stated that in your original post - I just “brainfarted” :open_mouth: .

I don’t have another suggestion at present; but I’ll “dwell on it” a bit and post back if I have anything constructive. ( rlparker retreats to a corner to take a remedial reading course :wink: )


not sure whether this helps or not.

in the next page, you should start session before html header

<?php session_start(); ?>

in the body, try to retrieve the session.

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That’s the ticket; “session_start():” needs to be called pretty much at the beginning (before any other output) of any PHP script that makes use of session variables.

If there is anything, such as blank lines before <?php, that will get in the way of starting a session. All headers, including those to support sessions must be sent before the page content. Anything in a php file that is not within <?php … > is content.

A simple blank line at the start of the file will prevent the headers that need to be sent to support a session.