PHP server setup?


Set up my email and tested, received on webmail without problem.

Designing first website in XSite Pro. Created email box for more info, and part of the setup tests PHP connection.
Error message returned…
“Your server does not appear to support PHP files. Actual error was: Path cannot be empty. Parameter name: remote path”

Do I need to do something on the FTP server?? Tested server connection setup in XSite Pro and it returned a successful message that server was setup.

What do I need to do to get the PHP link completed?


I’m not familiar with XSite Pro, but what you’re describing sounds like either an issue with how you’ve got XSite Pro set up or a bug in the program — PHP is always enabled on our hosting accounts.


That’s what I was thinking - create email and done on the DreamHost side. I searched all over the wiki concerning email, PHP and FTP server. Saw a lot of advanced stuff, but nothing like “step 2” as part of an initial creating/setup proceedure. Nor could I find anything as I checked the various components when logged into my DreamHost account.

Thanks for confirming.