I know it’s likely a dumb question, but I couldn’t find answers in the threads or anywhere else for that matter.

I’m using asual’s swfaddress methods to deep link into a flash website, the issue at hand is the code uses PHP_SELF to separate the linking and script name, and on Dreamhost it is not returning the correct information.

Variables are pass through the address as script.php/#/data/data2/dataN etc. PHP_SELF is dropping all the information after and including the “#”. I’ve created a PHP test script that just returns the PHP_SELF, and nearly all other characters seem to work (*^$? etc) with a few exceptions as well as none at all, but as soon as the # is used it only returns a slash.

I really need help finding the source of this, is this a security feature, a configuration problem a FastCGI php as CGI issue or just not possible with the “#”? Any help will allow me to figure out if I have to recode the framework to use another character or just fix a configuration.



It’s just not possible. Any text beyond a pound sign in a URL is not passed to the web server at all — it’s only available to the web browser.


Thank you Andrew

I can only assume then asual is working client side magic to do the deep linking, as opposed to passing it through the server. I’ll be back to the head thumping board in figuring out why the samples don’t work as described (all the components in flash work).

Thanks again