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I have just joinged DH and I will be moving my sites over one by one soon. Most of my sites are wrote in PHP using MYSQL DB. I have read that DH is very security conscience when it comes to MYSQL DB, which is one of the reason I am moving here the other is of course their price, you can’t beat it. I read in another board that I will need to place ‘$_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’]’ in my include files. Is there anything else I should know before moving my sites?

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Well, DH just upgraded to version 4.2.3. The link to the “what’s new” page is As long as your stuff will work with that version, you should be fine. Also, due to the demand of the users, the older $DOCUMENT_ROOT variable is still enabled, so if you have alot of files you can change them over the next few weeks.

btw, noticed in your sig that your trying to use html tags. As you can see they don’t work, you have to use the special codes which can be found here

Todd Eddy

Thanks Todd,

I realized the signature snafu after I posted.

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I just tested it and I am receiving this error:

“Warning: open_basedir restriction in effect. File is in wrong directory in /home/.cato/dapperco/ on line 2”

Here is how I set up the include:


What does this error mean?

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Nevermind, I figured out the problem.


forgot the slash in front of includes.

http:// - Auction off your web site real estate.