PHP scripts and subdomains?

software development


Hi, I just signed up with DH and am having a bit of problem with this gallery script I use for mass comics. It’s a simple scipt and when I loaded it onto my main domain it runs as it should, but when I tried to load it onto subdomains it runs a loop, ie, it won’t click to the next comic, it’ll just reload the same first comic repeatedly.

Is there something I need to do to the subdomains to make this work as it should? I never had this problem with my previous 2 hosts, but then again, when the old hosts did subdomains they just redirected subdomains to folders on the main domain which DH doesn’t do, so perhaps that’s part of the issue.


No, it has to do with PHP.


// check for the picture to view
// if no picture variable…
if ($pic=="") {
if ($startimage!=“last”){ $pic=1; }
else { $pic=$count; }
}[/code]The script needs to be updated. The query parameters are obtained using $_GET instead of $HTTP_GET_VARS

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Awesome, that worked, thanks a lot. (Now I’m sad I don’t follow PHP coding, that was such a simple error I’m sad to have bothered people with this.)