PHP-scripted Includes Inconsistently Working

Hi, all,

I have a site for which I programmed a simple include script that switches page conent based on a passed variable. It works on both of my main sites (I even used a subfolder of my site as a test bed); however, on the regular site (also a DH-hosted site), it simply fails to include anything other than the default include when passed the content on any other page.

There is nothing wrong with the script. That isn’t the problem. I am thinking it may be a setting on the main domain, somehow?

Anyone have any ideas?


CL Stegall


This is awfully light on the details, but I’ll take a shot at it anyway.

My guess is that your code depends on register_globals to be enabled and that your older sites are using PHP4, which has it enabled, and the new one is PHP5, which has it disabled. Read about register_globals at the Dreamhost support wiki for a little more information.

If this isn’t the case, follow up with some details, particularly the code you’re using and the URLs you’re using it at.

If you want useful replies, ask smart questions.

Just wanted to thank you. The obvious is always the first thing to check. It was just a version difference. I corrected the code and now all is well.

Thanks, again!

CL Stegall