PHP Script Not Working



I want to protect my link on my site, but when I try to use the Goodies :: Htaccess / WebDAV - Link Protection it’s not bad, but the problem is when people want to access to my page, they can’t cuz it’s Forbidden, but if they right click and download the file, it’s working…
Here’s the example:
Try to visit the site, you won’t be able, try to right click and save target as, you can. So that’s not mean like the description said:
The purpose of this is to stop “bandwidth theft”, I.E. somebody including images or media hosted from your site inside their web page! Of course, anybody could still download your files from your own site and then upload them to their site, but then at least when people visit their site they’ll be using THEIR bandwidth and not YOURS!

Anyways, another thing…

I have install a PHP script called: LinklokURL 1.7 to hide my file URL… But when I try to run the script, it seems that it doesn’t work. It appears something like: The Page Cannot Be Displayed. But when I try that script on another host, it’s work.

Check out there:
On that site, when you check out the link URL, it’s like Encode Link, so that’s not the real file URL, cuz it has been hide by the script.

But when I install the same script on, it doesn’t work, check out here:
Try to click on the Download Now link or do whatever you want, the PHP script doesn’t work…

Please help me to resolve that… Help me on Htaccess / WebDAV - Link Protection or on my PHP script, I don’t mind, but for better, please help me on both (more on my PHP script)…

Thank you!


OK! Forget it, it’s now working… I think is due to the things of Disable PHP-CGI stuff…