PHP returning source to wget

I’ve uploaded a site – which is working fine – but can’t quite figure out how to secure the PHP.

PHP files are properly interpreted when I visit the site via my browser, but the site is returning the uninterpreted PHP source code if I hit it with something like wget. Clearly, that’s not desirable behavior.

I’ve fixed this on other sites before, but don’t know the best approach on Dreamhost. Do I need a custom php config or is there a better way?

Are you running wget on your webserver and not putting http:// in the command? It’s the same Apache server that delivers the content to a browser as well as a remote wget client.

Nope, but now I’m doubly flummoxed.

I was running wget from my home linux box and getting php source files. I repeat the exact same process now and get the interpreted output. System glitch? I have no idea, but the problem has vanished! Thanks for the offering your advice!