PHP processing problems


Ever since 4 days before this email, my php has not been processing properly with any new projects that I develop.

When I use $_POST to get variables out of Flash I keep getting errors.

On one script that I was testing with, which is a search engine type script when I use Flash to send the variable to PHP, insteand of searching for the the particular variable and bringing my back my search request i sent using $POST, it returns me the whole database instead.

On the other hand if I test my php scripts without using post but by entering the variable such as $var=“omar”; instead of $var=$_POST[‘omar’]; it runs fine.

Also if use use the $_GET method and communicate with Flash it works fine. It’s just the $_POST that I have been having problems with.

Thanks For Any Help or Suggestions.

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I figured out the problem and it happened to be flash related.

I recently just changed my domain to link to www as before i had it linked to a “non-www” domain but i dint change my addresses in flash.

That’s why $_POST wasn’t working and $_GET was: because the $_GET function was only loading back from the php script where as the $_POST was sending to the server that I was trying to connect to which had the wrong address to begin with.