PHP problem

My first question is if it is possible to configure the something so the server executes php inside a .html file.

I asked this because i want php in an index file and if i name it index.php, so the code executes, it doesnt work as the index file. If i name it index.htm, it doesnt execute the php code inside.

So my second alternate question is if it is possible to use index.php as the index file, and how to do it.

index.php will work as an index file, as long as there are no other index files (namely of the of .html variety) in the same directory. By default, index.htm(l) override index.php.

You could change the defaults, and you can get php to execute within .html files, but I do not recommend those options when you simply what index.php to be the index file.

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thanks, i had just figured that out, but you clarified it.