PHP Printing Script

I’ve set this up on another server–it’s a SNAP. I love it!

The script in question:
PHPrint (2.1) |

On Dreamhost? No such luck. Any ideas why? DH seems to exceed the minimum requirements…I’m vexed!

Thanks for any help

Why use a print friendly script when you can just use a print friendly CSS file…

@media print will show in prit preview and when you actually print only.

Thanks guice…I’ve tried that before, but with little or no luck…things didn’t seem to work the way I needed them because the content I wanted to isolate was nested in another DIV tag that wasn’t printer friendly–so that wasn’t feasible solution. Granted I’m a newbie to @media (or screen) flavored CSS…

So…to that end…is there a reason that .php script might be failing on me?