PHP PostNuke install problem

Ok, I’ve installed post nuke on other servers but I’m having a hard time with my setup.

Warning: mysql_connect(): Unknown MySQL Server Host ‘’ (1) in /home/.idi/username/ on line 237
Error connecting to db
Program: /home/.idi/username/ - Line N.: 45
Database: dbasename
Error (2005) : Unknown MySQL Server Host ‘’ (1)

I substituted for username and website (since it’s in a delicate state right now)
Anyone have any idea? I have the username and PW for the dbase correct and can access the dbase from myphpadmin and I’ve run the dbase setup script.

Which version of PostNuke? …and at what point does this error occur? One thing I’ve noticed is that when installing PN, if you use the browser’s “back” button, it can screw up the installation. If you can, start with a clean slate and reinstall. Be sure to hit up my site for some little known PostNuke hacks and stuff…



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