PHP PhotoPost

Hi there,

I am new to PHP and I just purchased the software PhotoPost. I am trying to install and I have followed the install directions and am still stumped as to what is going wrong.

I contacted DH support to help me with the path tp imagemagick. Which they gave me- usr/bin/mogrify
in the install directions on photopost site it says- if you are going to run the install.php to set your configuration, take note of the path for install process.

That is where I am lost. Where exactly and how am i suppose to do this?

If I do not make sense the link to the instructions is-

If anyone is familiar with php and or photopost and can give me some tips/help. I would greatly greatly appreciate it! :slight_smile:

I’m closing this thread. Please only post messages to a single forum, not more than one (the 3rd Party Software & Scripts forum is a bit closer to what you want, I think).

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