Php photopost install help!

Hi there,

I am new to PHP and I just purchased the software PhotoPost. I am trying to install and I have followed the install directions and am still stumped as to what is going wrong.

I contacted DH support to help me with the path tp imagemagick. Which they gave me- usr/bin/mogrify
in the install directions on photopost site it says- if you are going to run the install.php to set your configuration, take note of the path for install process.

That is where I am lost. Where exactly and how am i suppose to do this?

If I do not make sense the link to the instructions is-

If anyone is familiar with php and or photopost and can give me some tips/help. I would greatly greatly appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Hi BobS,

Thanks for your help. I am now in the installation process and everything was great until now! :frowning:

I am at Configuring PhotoPost and after I click complete installation it gives me this -

Warning: main(/home/.draculablender/austin1/ failed to open stream: Not a directory in /home/.draculablender/austin1/ on line 29

Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required ‘/home/.draculablender/austin1/’ (include_path=’.:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/.draculablender/austin1/ on line 29

I have searched the internet on this error but have found nothing, so I am lost on what to do, any help would be great. Thanks

Yes, I found the same error report in google when i searched. I have gone to the forum and no luck. I have contacted photopost and they told me I needed to contact my host about the directory path. So, I have done so. I am not sure what else to do. Everyone in the photopost forum has not had this error?!

I didn’t know there was a thread with suggestions on these boards. I joined here like 3 years ago and posted but lost my username and password, so i just made a new name yesterday, and that was after I already purchased photopost to read any of the suggestions here. But I will still check them out. I can always use another script on another one of my sites.

Thank you for your help and you said you would play around with the script if you had the source zip file?

I really need to get this up so I can finish the rest of the site and I also purchased the photopost classifieds which looks close to the install instructions for photopost pro, so once i can master the install on this, i hope the other is a breeze…