Php photo gallery stopped working approx. two months ago

I own two domains. The page above is hosted on one of the two. On both domains, I am hosting this same php script in multiple directories to display a photo gallery for each set of photos that reside in those directories. Suddenly, approximately two months ago, these photo galleries (on both domains) are not working: I am unable to click through the picture gallery, only the first image shows up and nothing else.

Any ideas? I’m a php beginner. Nothing significant on these sites have changed.


First thing to do is to check your error log file. You can find it in /home/yourusername/logs/error

I confirmed there are no error message related to this bug in the error log.

Does it work on your local machine/testing environment?

Problem solved.

Looks like Dreamhost upgraded our sites to PHP5 on October 4th. Not sure whether we were notified about this or not. Or somebody on our team did it and I wasn’t aware.

HTTP_GET_VARS is now _GET in PHP5.

And this was the line I put in the top of my file to debug:

<?php ini_set("error_reporting",E_ERROR | E_WARNING | E_PARSE | E_NOTICE | E_ALL); ?>