PHP performance , APC, OpenVBX

If you do a search for APC you’ll find links to a 2 year old wiki page which is not supported by DH. There are also forum postings with conflicting info and unresolved issues. I have a standard shared account and I’d like to know if I can get some use out of APC.

Why? I’m running a manually installed version of OpenVBX. It’s great software but there is a long pause between menu options, which is supposed to be remedied with APC.


  1. Must APC run in a persistent process? If so then it’s a non-starter for shared accounts and this should be documented.
  2. Can we run APC in a shared account with Fast-CGI just by changing php.ini?
  3. If yes on 2 then can someone provide the current php.ini tweaks?
  4. For VBX, maybe APC isn’t required. Does anyone know if another accelerator will work, or if there is some other DH-specific solution to the OpenVBX problem?