Now that the great folks at Dreamhost have enabled GD on the PCGI version of PHP, I am experimenting with using it.

What I would really like to do, is use the imagettftext function. And, I would like to display my own fonts. This would really help out my site, because currently I am using WEFT to display fonts, but this is not visible for netscape or less popular browsers. I need to make a few changes, and add a few fonts, and thought this would be an excellent chance to upgrade to the new GD functions.

Anyway, I cannot get it to work. Other simple string functions work, but not the ttf ones. The manual states that the FreeType library must also be loaded, so I figure my problem is either we don’t have this library, or I don’t know how to locate the font I want.

Has anyone given this a try?


Okay, Let me try to open this topic up a little bit in an effort to spur some ideas.

What I want to do is display a customer chosen phrase, in a customer chosen font. Some of the fonts I want to use are unique to our site.

Currently I use a microsoft product to embed fonts, called WEFT, this is not a very ideal answer, mostly because it only works with IE Explorer. I would like a server side answer.

I don’t believe it can be done with perl and imagemagick, unless someone knows otherwise. Also, I cannot seem to make it work with PHP, which was the specific nature of my original post.

Does anyone have any other ideas for a method that might work at Dreamhost.

Thank you,