PHP - Parse error:unexpected T_STRING;

I get a [color=#0000CC]Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/.lake/my_id_name_here/ on line 37

Is there something wrong with my paths in the includes or is this a bigger issue with the server? Do I need to be messing with the .htaccess?

I tried puttingthis for the include path & stil didn’t work:
include ([color=#CC6600]’$_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’][/color]/test/home.php’);

This is the code that resulted in that error message:

<?php $id = $_GET['page']; switch ($id) { case "about": include('/test/about.php'); Ê Ê Ê break; case "contact": include('/test/contact.php'); Ê Ê Ê break; default: include('/test/home.php'); } ?>

Let me know.

Could you post the contents of about.php?

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I got it to work the next day. But thank you…

I made some changes on another version of index page [index4.php]:




<?php $id = $HTTP_GET_VARS['id']; $extension = "php"; if ( !$id || $id == "" ) { include "home.php"; } else if ( file_exists( "$id.$extension" ) ) { include "$id.$extension"; } else { include "/nomore.php"; } ?>