.php page for library

As my avocation, I donate my time to non-for profits. The one I’m currently helping wants to have a secure section from which the members can view a sort-able database of the titles, authors, topics (plural) of the books in the pvt library of this organization.

I see that database creation is part of the features of dreamhost’s packages but beyond that, I cannot find any documentation.


  1. I can have someone create an Access database of the required info. Can that be uploaded into the database on the website?
  2. Where/how do I then create/nab the code necessary to allow the members to select the info they want sorted out of the table for the library?
  3. Could I then have a interactive form where one can use their e-mail address or some such to “check out” the title they want? The physical library is open to all members w/ out the librarian’s needing to be there, but she checks all books back in, so she would then have to be able to do this on the website as well as physically re-shelving the books.

w/r/t Access, you will need to download the MySQL odbc drivers for access. This is not officially supported, and is not a super easy task. There is a thread in this forum which discusses the proceedure for doing this. Keeping the information up-to-date might be tricky, though.

Some of us do this internally, although I haven’t personally had much experience with it.

Not so sure about your other questions, so I’ll leave it to others to answer.
Regarding documentation on databases, have you done a search for “MySQL” in the kbase? That should bring up at least some documentation.