PHP OPCache active?

This is my first time using OPCache so I’m not sure I’m using it correctly. I’ve done a lot to optimize the data put on the wire, with CDN and WP-based caching. Now I’m looking to see what I can get out of the server in terms of code caching.

I see opcache is activein my shared space with PHP 7.1.19 and a WordPress site. I set opcache.memory_consumption = 64MB, just to see if it would work. I have no idea where that RAM comes from or if we even really have access to that in shared space.

It looks like about half of that memory is used (info from WP OPcache plugin) but I’m getting <1% hits even when I load pages multiple times that are included in the keys loaded to the cache.

How long do assets remain in cache?
Why almost no hits?
Should we use some other caching tool?

I’ve seen prior notes in this forum about OPcache and others but I don’t know what’s currently available, recommended, discouraged, etc.

I’ll be happy to do my homework, I’m trying to understand what resources we have in shared space here at DH. I also run sites in DreamCompute. Any suggestions for self-hosted caching? (Yes, I’ll research elsewhere too.)


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