getting some problems, i am creating a clan site for someone and well i am getting kind of confused, it seems that i went to ->
Goodies > MYSQL > "entered information"
It came back saying it’s successfuly made the mysql database, but when i go type in. www.???-???.com/php-nuke 7.5/html/index.php it comes up with a MYSQL is down.

I am sure i have entered in the config.php fields correctly, but it’s being a rite pain in the arse.

could it be anything to do with the chmod at all???

someone help me plz :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

It may take a while for your new DB to actually come online. Give it some time (up to 24 hours, despite the “within 10 minutes” claim, sometimes yes, sometimes no).

If you are sure the DB is ready (see if you can open it with phpMYadmin) then it must be something wrong with your nuke config file.

I am assuming that the install went ok and you actually loaded nuke’s sql databse structure.

i sorted it now, i went the goodies bit on MySQL and created a DB, then it seems that a lil window was down the bottom of that page stating about the DB i created. Example <- hostname for DB.

Then i went to the myphpadmin by clicking on the example, your find myphpadmin appears and you click on the DB within the myphpadmin page. You then go to the SQL tab and someone in that page it says “open from directory” So basically you look for a file on ur computer that was an SQL extention. once done you press submit or go and then the tables is linked to the DB. Then i carried on with the install. If this does not make sense soz, i will be happy to write a better tutorial with images if needed :smiley: