PHP Nuke



I am extremely new to PHP Nuke. It took me two weeks to get it installed. I used all the main forums and webpage tutorials and finally got the page to come up.

I was able to create my “god” user and open the Admin portal. Now if I click on any of the icons (with the exception of logout and backup) it just loops back to the admin portal with icons. I also noticed a little message in the lower portal that says access denied.

I adjusted all of the file permissions to 777(which is probably bad, but I am testing at the moment) and I was able to delete my “author” user info and “user” info from the database and re-create a new admin after reload. Still no better.

My next problem is emails…I recieved a confirmation email 6 hours after I made an account and the activation link sent me to instead of my page to complete activation. I also did a test to upload a file to the downloads section and no email was sent to me to approve the upload. I even checked the webmail through dreamhost.

I’m at a loss and after almost 3 weeks of trying to get some headway I am about to quit. I’m tired of searching for the answer.

If anyone can help I’d greatly appreciate it! THANKS!


It could be a number of things… from a file uploaded in the wrong format to permission errors.

Are you using the latest Platinum version?

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Would you know exactly what file?

I just believe its Nuke 7.6.

All I did was download nuke and copy the HTML folder to my domain. Then I went and set all permissions to 744 and 777 for testing.