PHP Nuke

I am trying to get a PHP Nuke site up and running.

I have read all results I came up with on searching for PHP Nuke in several variations…

What I would like to know is how to install it to my DH account. I have a phpbb on one of my sites, but DH installed that so that doesn’t count! :slight_smile:

I am kinda rusty on Unix. I used it alot for a while, but haven’t hardly used it in 4 years. So, I am trying to play catch up and remember everything.

Any help would be appreciated as I have 3 people really wanting their sites up and I can’t figure out how to install it!


You can install PHPnuke without touching the shell, the installer will populate the DB for you. The trick is to set up your databases first and give them time to be enabled by DH before you run the installer.

The latest version (and security patched versions, anything after 2.9) resolve the php vs php-cgi issue, so you don’t have to troubleshoot that anymore and, as far as I can tell, enabling mod_security seems to secure it pretty well.

That said, while PHPnuke has a great community its releases are riddled with security flaws and botched coding. It is not really a true opensource project but is held close by its “developer” and, IMHO, is sort of dead end at this point.

Maybe look at Mambo or Postnuke (forks of PHPnuke) or other, newer opensouce CMSs too. Try playing around at to try out the various options before you install anything.

Of course, if you are running a gaming or clan site, PHPnuke is your CMS :slight_smile:

You can convert your stand alone phpBB to BBtoNuke (the portal version) with a script available at or

Thank you for your reply.

Acytaully, I run 2 gaming guild sites… so yes that is why I want PHPNuke…

My main thing is though, I have ftp’d the files onto my account. I have databases set up for the different sites. Now, how do I actually install the PHP Nuke? That is the part that I don’t know how to do…

Fill your database information into the config.php and run the installer. It should dump the nuke tables into your database if not:

from the Howto:

[quote] Create a database that will contain the PHP-Nuke tables. The name of the database should be the same name as the one you entered in config.php (see Section 3.7):

mysqladmin create nuke

To populate the database, you have to run the nuke.sql file “through” mysql. Change to the sql directory and do from the command line:

mysql -h dbhost -u dbuname -p dbname < nuke.sql

where dbhost, dbuname and dbname are the database host, database username and database name, exactly as entered in config.php. Just as you import nuke.sql, you can import any other MySQL dump file[/quote]
That’s about it. Create your superuser and make sure all the core files are working the way you expect them to before you begin adding modules.