Anyone ever use PHP Nuke. It looks like it could really help create some nice pages quickly. I don’t want to spend too much time looking into it if the pages won’t fly on DH.

Thanks… I searched quite a bit last night, but I must have had a hypen or space and didn’t come up with much.

Looks like you’ve been busy with the phpnuke support - I don’t want a $21 solution, but was glad to have been at least steered in a right direction. I find these threads hard to manuveur - short on time and experience in this world. The short on time is why I was looking at phpnuke in the first place.

I’ll shout if I can’t figure out what I’m reading, thanks again for the quick response.


You may also want to look at Postnuke, or Mambo. I’ve used postnuke for years (example and have just started using Mambo (example and like both.


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