PHP Nuke - SQL message

I am getting a message when i try to access the admin section of PHP Nuke saying the following:
“There seems to be a problem with the MySQL server, sorry for the inconvenience. We should be back shortly.”

Is this DH’s side or could I have messed something up on my end?

Have you been able to get into your nuke at all? That is a generic message that nuke prints when it can’t access your database (so, probably not Dreamhost related). Perhaps you recently upgraded something?

No, I haven’t. I just signed up with DH, and tried setting up the Nuke script and just having VERY bad luck with it…In fact, I am on the verge of ripping out my hair.

I have installed perl scripts and PHP in the past on another host, but never EVER used MySQL or anything like that…So, I feel like a complete moron…I mean seriously…How hard could it possibly be to change 5 lines in a config file?