PHP-Nuke question(s)

I started trying to get PHP-Nuke up yesterday and I found a guide by one of the developers. I’ve been using the guide at:

And I’ve gotten a lot of the steps done but I found one place that I am kinda stuck at.

On this page there is a line they talk about initially. The line is:

“grant all privileges on db.* to dbuser@localhost identified by ‘dbpasswd’;”

Now the line itself doesn’t confuse me I understand what belongs where. Placement of the line is my problem, at first I thought I was supposed to run it via command line but that didn’t work. Is it a line that I place in config.php? Or do I do something else that I haven’t even considered yet? Any help would be appreciated


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I would imagine it is a SQL command to make sure the db user has all the required permissions to do things to the table(s) in the database.

It can be run from phpmyadmin or if you look in the control panel under Goodies| manage MySQL you can click on the db username and check that all the boxes are ticked in the 'What may do to tables in these databases? All the boxes ticked equates to granting all privileges.


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While I have not installed a PHP-Nuke site in several years, I think I can answer this question.

In the Dreamhost environment, there is no need for the line you are referring to. You would run it from the command line, but Dreamhost’s MySQL setup handles the assigning of database privileges to users in a different manner.

You “grant” database privileges to a db user via the Control Panel–>Goodies–>Manage MySQL screens, “edit user”. You can double check this to be sure (by “editing” the user), but I belive your initial db user created when you created the database on Dreamhost via the Control Panel should be set up properly. If they are, you are ready to proceed with no other requirement to use that line of code. If they are not , you just set the privileges from the Control Panel screen.


Thanks a lot guys. This stuff is a little tricky for a complete newbie but I think I am getting it! :slight_smile: