PHP-Nuke 8.0

I am a complete noob to webhosting in just about every aspect. Can anyone give me a simple basic guide to installing PHP-Nuke v8.0 to my dreamhost domain?

I have the following Tools on my computer Currently:

PHP-Nuke v8.0
PHP (Windows Installer) v5.1.5
PHP (Windows Binary) v5.1.5
PECL Modules for PHP v5.1.5
Apache HTTP Server (MSI Installer) v2.2.4
Apache HTTP Server (Win32 Source) v2.2.4
MySQL Community Server v5.0.27
MySQL Windows Essentials v5.0.27

Now, all of these tools are currently not installed they are merely the install files (.exes) or what not that I gathered from the necessary places. But I would greatly appreciate any input anyone could offer me towards setting up PHP-Nuke on my Dreamhost website.

Thanks a ton!

  • Shadowsgleam

The dreamhost servers run Debian Linux. Not Windows (tm - Evil Empire).

The best support for the product will most definitely be the PHP-Nuke guys themselves. More especially since the product is not publicly released yet.

You MIGHT be able to get some help in the 3rd Party Scripts Forum.


So since Dreamhost runs on Linux does that mean I need Linux stuff instead of Window stuff, all my installers are for Windows because thats what I run on. I don’t have a Linux installation where I am messing with this stuff at.

DH supports PHP and Apache.

After you have an account, DH will automatically install PHP and MySQL for you. You do not need to do any installation by yourself.

To manage MySQL database, DH provides you PHPMySQLAdmin web panel to communicate with the databases.

I do not know much about Linux but have no problem using the hosting plans.

There are more features. You may want to refer to DH office site

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With 400,000 domains at DH someone’s probably tried PHP-Nuke here. There might be some notes on the wiki, there might even be someone at the products site that can help.

But 3rd party scripts would DEFINITELY be the right place for this. What you’re attempting is not “Beginner’s” stuff. Probably “middle” stuff. And you don’t need to install Apache, PHP or MySQL as they are ready to go and safe to use. (although they might be slightly behind versionwise for your product - thats why I continue to say that your best bet for help is the PHP-Nuke project. They can tell you what should and should not work.