Php-nuke 7.6 issues?

Is php-nuke not compatible with dreamhost? Are we not running the most current version of PHP? I cannot operate the administrator control panel no matter what I do, and I’ve been at this for 3 days now trying all the troubleshooting tips I’ve found on nuke’s site, and via many of the nuke support forums.

I have other nuke sites functioning here find, but they are older than version 7.5, before nuke began to modularize the administrator control panel.

So…I cannot decide is this is an SQL issue with Dreamhost (as SQL databases are a lot slower to propogate than advertised lately) or if it’s a PHP issue with Dreamhost.

And I haven’t ruled out the possibility that I’m an egghead and still haven’t figured out what I’m doing. I keep getting “Access Denied” messages anytime I try to administrate anything in the control panel of PHPNuke 7.6.

I believe it’s because DH is running 3.23 MySQL and not the 4+ that the new Nuke requires. I’m not positive about that, but I gave-up trying to get Nuke to run and that’s the determination that I came to.

I downgraded to nuke 7.5 and it works! This suggests to me the problem is in the new php code itself. I’ve read accounts of people claiming they had the same problem but then got it fixed…it involved changing the code in a few places; a rather frustrating ordeal indeed.

Now that I’m downgraded to 7.5, I’m noticing the SQL server seems to go down every few hours, only for about 10 minutes, then goes up again. All my other SQL servers are running fine but that one.

I cannot help but think this relates to the fact I built my SQL database 24 hours after they fixed their SQL server issues.

How Do I get my MySQL data base uploaded to the server…well imported in to the MySQL server that is running now that I figured out how to get my show account and myphpadmin working here. Just not seeing the import function now.

Get your dreamhost account today. :slight_smile:

As an FYI, I exported my database and re-imported it into a new one, and all is fine now. Apparently the dreamhost mysql server was NOT totally up to snuff for a couple days.