PHP not working after server move

So, I was informed that my sites would be moved from one server to another, less than 24 hours before the move. Then the sites did not work at all. They fixed that, but now I can not get into the php myadmin tool at all. I get the error
Cannot start session without errors, please check errors given in your PHP and/or webserver log file and configure your PHP installation properly.

This is the same for any of my databases. I also get errors from the PHP on one of my wordpress installs, but not the other. I tried updating it, that did not fix it.

Does anyone know how to fix this? I already have help tickets in the system.

Make sure and work through the guide provided at - most all the problems you are encountering are likely covered there.

Or wait till the support people get a look at your situation.

Finally, unless you post the URLS that demonstrate the errors, any help I or others might offer would be just a blind guess, and likely less than useful.

We need to know the URLS so we can read the actual error messages. It is not at all likely that “PHP is not working” on the new server, but entirely likely your code/configurations made need updating to reflect the changes in the server/paths.

–DreamHost Tech Support

Yes, I went and did everything that I could and checked what I could from the Server Moves page. The problem is not listed there. I believe that it is a problem with the /tmp directory, which I can not see.

None of what is there is custom PHP. It is the straight wordpress install.

What ever is going on there does not explain why I do not have access to any of my php-admin MySql tools for ANY of my databases. I check 5 of them, and none of them will work. Is it a good idea to give the url of mysql databases here in an open forum?

Thanks for any actual help you can give.

_____ They must be working on it right now, as one of the errors is different now, and the other is gone. _____________

I received a response, (quickly) from tech support that it was a permissions issue on the server… but it did not actually fix it. I will make sure to update this if it actually gets fixed.