I am looking for some help, our hockey team has 20 years of stats that i need to sort.

I need to figure out most goals, assists and points by a player in all the years that the player has played.

i was wondering what the easiest way to go about this would be?

Currently i have a database field for (id, name, gp, goals, assists, pim, year)

my problem is i am inputting all the info individually by year so a player could play 5 years and some could play 1 but i want to show the combined totals for each player

example player1 played 5 years i have all his stats in the database i want to combine all the stats from the 5 years that players played and show it on a single page like total amount of goals, assists pts, gp(games played) pim like so

Name Games Played Goals Assists Pts Pim
Player1 90 120 116 236 98

any help is greatly appreciated


Do you have a web-interface built for this, or are you just using phpmyadmin?

Filemaker Pro is fairly simple (relatively speaking) to dinker with DB stuff, and can connect to your MySQL database.

I used Filemaker Pro to create a layout that enabled an After School Care program to input data on hours each kid was at their program…they could then sort that data in a number of ways. Took me a few hours to set up.