Php/mysql rookie

i’m not even a rookie. i’m a complete idiot about this stuff.

i know basic-moderate html. my pages are built in dreamweaver, but i know enough to proofread code and do some manual changes. i use both ftp and the dreamweaver window to make changes to my site.

i want to get into programming/developing/authoring a forum on my domain using php/mysql, but i have absolutely no idea how any of it works. i’ve gone to several sites about basic php, but i find that they are using terminology that i dont understand.

are there any resources (sites would be great, obviously) that explain this thing from the absolute beginning? this is my first attempt at development. do i need to have other knowledge to start with php?

thanks in advance for any help/guidance.

When I set up my first forum, I used this I had absolutely no knowledge of php or mysql at the time.

I found it extremely easy to use, they have a support forum, so when I had questions, I searched in there. Always found my answer.

It is easy to customize to your own look/feel too. I used fetch to upload it.

I am working with Larry Ullman’s Visual Quickpro Guide, PHP and MySQL for dynamic web sites. I think this is a good beginner book.

Take a look at