Php MyAdmin Setup

Is there a example somewhere on dreamhost that shows
the proper settings for php Myadmin?

Thank you


Php MyAdmin is ALREADY set up for any mysql database you create at dreamhost! How’s that for easy! After you create the hostname for your database, just go to that url on the web (wait maybe a day first though for dns to propogate).

No installation settings necessary!


now that is the way to start off a Monday. Thank you Josh !

So what I will do is login to

and from there I can start to build the database OR just login to maintain them.
As you can see, I am a little confused. I have OptionCart that is integrated
with Mal’s ecommerce. I believe I build the database right from there.
Are you familiar with this?
Thank you so much.

Hi Rosanne,

Well actually it’s just (no www) to access your php myadmin set up. I’m not familiar with OptionCart or Mal’s ecommerce, but you can do any sort of database action, maintenaince or creation or whatever from php my admin! Just try poking around with it and see how it works…