PHP mod for my website's Script

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Hello, everyone.

I have no experience or knowledge about this area of PHP at all. I can handle a tiny little bit of it on the ‘design’, html-ish side, but I have no idea how to do this one.

For a website script that I bought, I need several server configuration things.
I contacted DH, and they told me that everything seems alright, except for two settings.
The Script requires:

-session.gc_maxlifetime = 15000 (Recommended or higher)

{{but I have 1440}}

-magic_quotes_gpc = on

{{but mine is off}}

I don’t have the slightest idea how to change these variables, or even if it’s really worth changing (well, the script totally requires it, because I contacted their customer support, and they told me that it is, indeed, necessary).
I’m talking about this script:

Here’s their demo:

Would someone please tell me how I could change these two things just for one of my domains??
Your help will be much appreciated!



See link below (look for Custom PHP.INI in auto-installers).

After running, your editable php.ini can be found in the cgi-bin folder.

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost


It’s an awesome plugin!
I just installed and run it.

However, I go into the php.ini file and change the two little things I need BUT when I run the test info.php, the values listed do not seem to have changed… even when refreshing the page.
Is there a reason for this??



Never mind!!
Problem Solved!!
The new values showed up today.
I guess it just takes a little time for changes to ‘propagate’.
Thanks a ton for the plugin!! :slight_smile: