PHP Memory Limit - Kayako Help Desk

Has anyone heard that DH kills the PHP if its using “too much RAM”?

For the Kayako helpdesk I had to change the PHP memory_limit up to 1G so the import from the older version 3 to version 4 would work. That worked great and got all of my data imported.

However to run a simple display or a record in a list the new version 4 (V4) was crashing. Turns out DH has a process that checks php ram usage and kills the php if you are taking too much.

This sounds like a good idea, but it doesnt make much sense to me that the import that needed 1G setup in the ini would work great, but a simple display of a record in a list would crash the ram.

DH support says the process that kills the php is a limit that is “not disclosed” for whatever reason.

Anyone have any ideas?

It could be that that much bloat was added from versions 3 to 4. Have you considered upgrading to a PS? There’s a one week free trial so you can see if it’s worth it.

But then why did the import work OK last week that uses lots of RAM but some little display of a record trigger the kill

Does the app use any kind of caching?

Nothing. I am going to move to a different host. Not much of a choice as support doesnt have any clue.

According to you should really use a VPS with a decent amount of RAM anyway. Try the VPS trial. It will automatically adjust to what you need anyway so you don’t pay for more than you need.